What is travel by cargo ship?

Tranquility. Sharing the daily life of the crew. Adventure. Travelling by cargo ship offers a rich experience. Discover a new way to travel by setting sail aboard a merchant vessel.

Take the time to travel

As Robert Louis Stevenson, the famous Scottish writer and great traveller said, “The important thing is not the destination but the journey itself”. Travelling on a cargo ship is an experience where the journey in itself is a destination and a real source of fulfillment.

Aboard commercial ships, you will sail across the oceans in the wake of the first great explorers and resulting trade routes. For days or for months, you will make the most of your time aboard ship to escape from the tumult of modern life and rediscover the real meaning of travel.

Observing the sea and the sky and their changing colours, reading, writing, drawing, composing, painting, relaxing, meditating, thinking, finding yourself again or letting the sound of the wind, the whistle of a dolphin or the song of the waves soothe you. This relaxing means of travel will allow you to fully engage in the present

Share unique experiences

A container ship cruise also presents opportunities for unique encounters. Aboard, you will not only meet other passengers but also all the crew, often made up of many nationalities. During a meal, a game of cards, or just during spontaneous discussions, you will hear many anecdotes and sailors’ tales and will share unforgettable moments of conviviality.

You will live at their pace and discover their world. Engine room, dining room, or the officers’ mess – you will be able to explore these giants of the sea, with the captain’s permission.

Set sail for adventure

Sailing on a cargo ship is an enriching human experience but also an adventure into the unknown. The itineraries, dates, duration, and ports of call are not binding; they can be altered at any time by the shipping companies.

Setting sail on a commercial ship therefore requires a certain flexibility that will also allow you to disembark at whichever port of call you choose, for the duration of your choice, and then to continue your journey with another shipping company*.

You can therefore opt to take a Trans-Atlantic or Trans-Pacific cruise, but also choose a freighter world journey.

*In addition to the information that you will be given, it is also your responsibility to keep up-to-date with the health, customs, and security requirements for the countries along your route.

Dear Visitors,

Are you drawn to the open sea but looking for a more adventurous way to travel than mass tourism offers? If so, cargo ship and freighter travel are perfect for you. Welcome and enjoy your visit