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Do we need to be bilingual to do a cargo ship travel?

During your booking, ask for the spoken language on board to enjoy your travel in better conditions.


What is the procedure when the cargo is late?

The delays and cancellations of which are responsible the company can be a refund if its superior to 7 days. If the trip is shortened of less than 7 days, the agency will not reimburse ( the agency will not invoice if the trip time is longer than expected). We will always find a solution, to offer you a new departure date, or a new boat, or a new destination or a new departure date.


Are the cabins respecting standards?

There is any standard for cabins, you should know cabin's size and arrangement depend on cargo ship. Overall cabins' size are between 10 and 40 m², every cargo have between 1 and 5 cabins. All the cabins have bathroom with private toilets, one large bed or 2 separate beds, one desk et scubble (window) - bedsheets and towels are furnished. 


Regarding the lugages, is there a maximum weight to respect as for planes?

The maximum weight for lugage is 40 kg. The passengers have to embark with their luggage via the gangway. Any seafarer will help passenger.

Is there any object not allowed on board ?

Yes, home appliance, electrical bikes, gas stoves and weapon are not allowed on board.


Is alcohol permitted on board ?

No there is no alcohol on board. 

Are there doctors on the cargo ship?

There is no medical infrastructure on board, only a first aid kit, which is why medical certificates will be required (at registration, then 45 days before the beginning of the trip).
The passenger must provide a sufficient amount of medication while anticipating possible delays.

I need to travel with my pet, is it possible?

Any animal can't go on board.

Can we visit the inside of the cargo ship?

The cargo ship inside can be visited with a member crew and always with the captain agreement. All passengers will share de crew's daily life, a natural discretion is recommended. We remind passengers and futur passengers that is a working place.


Travellers' Club agency will manage visas for travel abroad?

No, the passenger have to do the administrative procedures by himself. But, the agency can help him for the type of visa regarding the destination.


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